Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

A friend told me this..

"Find someone who has the same value as you are...someone who can accept you for who you are.." 

That was a very good piece of advice that I got from a business friend today...I was surprised to know that we are actually shared the same line of thoughts about men, relationship & life...

She told me that marriage is not solely depends on love and consists of many other, maybe only 20% of it...the rest, it's up to us how to nurture the relationship and get it bloom over time...

The sweetest things that I've heard today was"If I'm given the chance to choose a husband again, I would still choose him.."

How lucky you are to have such a wonderful man by your side...

How I wish I could say that someday..hehehehe

"everyone in any parts of their life will face hardship, at least strong...stay true to yourself...and you'll be a better person"

thank you for your wonderful thoughts and've made my day...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6 things you should never reveal on Facebook

The whole social networking phenomenon has millions of Americans sharing their photos, favorite songs and details about their class reunions on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and dozens of similar sites. But there are a handful of personal details that you should never say if you don't want criminals — cyber or otherwise — to rob you blind, according to Beth Givens, executive director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.
The folks at also say that ill-advised Facebook postings increasingly can get your insurance cancelled or cause you to pay dramatically more for everything from auto to life insurance coverage. By now almost everybody knows that those drunken party photos could cost you a job, too.
You can certainly enjoy networking and sharing photos, but you should know that sharing some information puts you at risk. What should you never say on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site?

Your Birth Date and Place
Sure, you can say what day you were born, but if you provide the year and where you were born too, you've just given identity thieves a key to stealing your financial life, said Givens. A study done by Carnegie Mellon showed that a date and place of birth could be used to predict most — and sometimes all — of the numbers in your Social Security number, she said.
Vacation Plans
There may be a better way to say "Rob me, please" than posting something along the lines of: "Count-down to Maui! Two days and Ritz Carlton, here we come!" on Twitter. But it's hard to think of one. Post the photos on Facebook when you return, if you like. But don't invite criminals in by telling them specifically when you'll be gone.
Home Address
Do I have to elaborate? A study recently released by the Ponemon Institute found that users of Social Media sites were at greater risk of physical and identity theft because of the information they were sharing. Some 40% listed their home address on the sites; 65% didn't even attempt to block out strangers with privacy settings. And 60% said they weren't confident that their "friends" were really just people they know.
You may hate your job; lie on your taxes; or be a recreational user of illicit drugs, but this is no place to confess. Employers commonly peruse social networking sites to determine who to hire — and, sometimes, who to fire. Need proof? In just the past few weeks, an emergency dispatcher was fired in Wisconsin for revealing drug use; a waitress got canned for complaining about customers and the Pittsburgh Pirate's mascot was dumped for bashing the team on Facebook. One study done last year estimated that 8% of companies fired someone for "misuse" of social media.
Password Clues
If you've got online accounts, you've probably answered a dozen different security questions, telling your bank or brokerage firm your Mom's maiden name; the church you were married in; or the name of your favorite song. Got that same stuff on the information page of your Facebook profile? You're giving crooks an easy way to guess your passwords.
Risky Behaviors
You take your classic Camaro out for street racing, soar above the hills in a hang glider, or smoke like a chimney? Insurers are increasingly turning to the web to figure out whether their applicants and customers are putting their lives or property at risk, according to So far, there's no efficient way to collect the data, so cancellations and rate hikes are rare. But the technology is fast evolving, according to a paper written by Celent, a financial services research and consulting firm.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tips membeli kasut

Nk beli sepasang kasut yg betul2 meet spec kita bkn senang...slalunyer kasut yg kita suka, mmg kurang selesa bila kita pkai esp utk jangka masa yg lama..yg peliknya, it did feel good and comfy bile kita try kt bile dh blk umah & pkai on the next day, rasa x best pulak...msti sakit kaki...hmm..nape yer...

jd, saya pn saje2 la nk carik tips membeli kasut utk di kongsi kt yg saya dpt extract from my search..

1. Pilih kasut sebelah petang atau penghujung hari. Pernah dengar tak? Saya pun dulu tertanya-tanya juga kenapa. Ini sebab, kaki kita kadang-kadang akan mengembang dan membesar sedikit kerana kerja-kerja yang kita lakukan pada awal hari contoh macam angkat beban dan berjalan ke hulu ke hilir.

2. Berdiri tegak

3. Pastikan tumit kaki dan jari kaki tidak terkeluar dari saiz asal kasut.

4. Waktu memilih kasut, make sure pakai kedua-dua kasut tersebut, berdiri tegak dan cuba berjalan. Don't just duduk, try dekat kaki sebelah saja dan just because design dia lawa dan saiz kena dengan kaki anda, doesn't mean kasut tu benar-benar selesa sepenuhnya dipakai oleh kaki anda.

5. Satu lagi perkara yang perlu kita tahu, elak membeli kasut dengan tak try langsung dan hanya berpandukan saiz saja. We all know that lain jenama, lain ukuran walaupun dinyatakan yang saiz kasut adalah sama. Do not trust numbers. Try it yourself. 

6. Jangan pilih kasut yang dirasakan terlalu ketat sbb mungkin kaki akn melecet. Unless you want to take the risk dan unless you nak pakai just one night. tp membazir la plak kn..

7. Ketahui material kasut tersebut.

8. Kasut yang selesa ialah kasut cermat dan kemas dibuat, tumit tidak terlalu tinggi dan mampu menampung dengan stabil.

9. Jangan beli kasut kerana jenama dan harga, sebaliknya pentingkanlah keselesaan.

On the other note, saya nk share jugak, risiko memakai kasut tumit tinggi...stilettos...

1. Jejaskan peluang untuk mendapatkan anak.

2. Punca rambut gugur.

3. Kasut tumit tinggi berukuran 12.7 cm boleh jejaskan organ dalaman dan kesuburan wanita.

4. Menyebabkan leher, lutut, sendi, tulang belakang dan bahu menjadi sakit.

5. Menyebabkan pening dan kitaran haid tidak teratur.

Bahaye kn kalo slalu sgt pkai high heels?? Hmm....takot jgk bile baca...huhu...My personal preference in shoes: Wegdes...pd saya, ia bkn saja nmpk cantik, tp juga selesa di pakai...yg paling penting, gimme extra height...nmpk la tinggi sket kn...hehehe

Selamat Membeli Kasut!! :) :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


saya suka tgk Losing It with Jillian kt DIVA channel tu..seronok and so inspirational. Saya sendiri ade goal tp smpi skang blum tercapai. byk sgt rintangan..hehe
ape pn, i'm still working on my target...cuma the timeline tu agak lama sket from what i expected before..
tak pe la...i take 1 step at a time kn...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Once A Week Deodorant

Saya nk share 1 product yg saya rasa tersangat2 bagus utk di gunakn...
Product itu ialah Once A Week Deodorant..Saya telah menggunakan product ini selama 3 minggu, dan saya tersgt2 la berpuas hati dgn qualitynya...Utk baca details psl product ni, sila klik link ni.

Kt mana nk beli? Saya beli kt Guardian Pharmacy KLCC. But I think it can be bought kt mane2 cawangan Guardian di Malaysia. Harganya RM8.90 utk 1 pek that contains 3 wipes for 3 weeks application.

Cara nk guna? Senang sgt...Just wipe to the targeted skin area. Biar dia kering kejap for a few minutes...Walla, you're all set to go...1 wipe, 1 application. Jgn simpan for next use plak kn..kang tak psl2 jadik lain..sape mau jwb tuh..hehe Pas dh guna, jgn lupa basuh tgn tau...kebersihan musti diutamakan...;P

Keberkesanan: Utk saya, 1 wipe ni bole lasts for 5 days, lebey kurang 120 jam gitew...ok la kn..

Adakah saya akn membeli product ini semula? OF COURSE!!!! sgt berbaloi2... ;)

Saya sertakan juga some info yg saya dpt dr website product tersebut utk reference korang. Bacalah yer...Siyesly, saya sgt suka dgn product ini...kalo bole, 1 wipe utk 1 month, lg2 la saya suka...hahahahaha

Once A Week Deodorant

Once A Week (OAW) weekly deodorant wipe is the world's first weekly form of deodorant. OAW is the ultimate answer to ALL natural body odors. By tracing back to the source, OAW was developed to correctly solve body odor problems with precision. OAW is the world's first and only water-based deodorant of which more than 80% is water. Watever you do, OAW protects you. 
OAW safeguards you with week-long protection without any disruption even after series of excessive sweating such as from heavy workout, hiking, cycling, swimming, skiiing, dancing, bathing, etc...
With OAW, you will enjoy everything to the fullest, stress-free with confidence for days ahead